Viet Box is a Vietnamese inspired food eatery, located at Pop Brixton.

Viet Box is a family-run business inspired by Vietnamese food. Each recipe is the result of an unique blend of Vietnamese and different cuisines.

Aurora is the heart of Viet Box. She learnt how to cook with his brother and always wanted to learn different cooking techniques, Naturally curious, she is always keen to try world cuisines and different tastes. During her travels in Asia and Africa she has been continually inspired by the crossover of ingredients, techniques, and dishes. 

Jamal is the soul of Viet Box. Jamal has worked in Fashion and Design for more than 20 years. Having travelled all over the world trying and tasting many different dishes, he is Viet box's sense of taste and is behind Viet Box's design. Always coming up with new ideas, cool objects and new tastes. Food is the central element for him but he knows how to create a welcoming atmosphere and quirky environment to dine in.

Viet Box's menu is inspired by the founder's travel and culinary adventures and various cultures they've all experienced and fallen in love with.